US Open Results

The US Open Lawn Bowling event held in Sun City, Sun City West, and Sun City Grand was a big success and our new green was highly heralded by bowlers from all over the world! Thanks to all of our volunteers who helped out with hosting the event here and at the other venues.

For those interested final results can be viewed at the link below. Check closely and you will see some of our member’s names in there!!

It's Complete!!!!

Our new artificial green is now complete and we began using it at our regular Thursday morning time on October 25. It is absolutely fantastic - it runs fast, true, and is a consistent texture and color. The only downside it can no longer be used as an excuse for poor bowling!

A big thank-you goes to CAM for approving this project for the Bowling club. And an even bigger thank-you to David Shaw, Rae Iverson and Ron Rollick for representing the club on the approval process and overseeing the construction. It was a lot of hard work and the club members are very appreciative. We are also appreciative of the efforts of several others who have worked hard since the green was completed to get it ready for play (eg The Everts, Tony Davi)).

Come out soon to try it out!

Passing of John Lynn

With sadness we give you news that former lawn bowler John Lynn passed away.  John passed away in April, but news is just now reaching us from his daughter Nancy.  John was instrumental in bringing lawn bowling to Sun City Grand in the early days.  Although it's been several years since John was on the Green, one will never forget his esteem for the rules of the lawn bowling, which led John to be a highly regarded umpire for the sport.  


Lasting memory for those who had the privilege of knowing John and bowling with him:  As the last bowl was rolled for an end, John would give a tilt of his head and declare "and now we walk."   


Rest in peace John Lynn.


(from Deb Everts)

US Open

We have received approval from CAM to hold some of the Open events here at Grand.  It will likely be a 2 or 3 day event somewhere in the November 5-10 timeframe but the final scheduling of events and locations has not been finalized yet.  And it will also depend upon whether our new artificial green is finished by then (details to follow on that as well).   Regardless, it will be a great opportunity for everyone to watch some great players and great bowling!!

As more details emerge we will update the information here so check back regularly!

Passing of Tom Illg

Tom Illg died suddenly at home in New Prague, MN on Thursday June 7, 2018.  We will certainly remember his great smile, tall lankiness and floppy white hat.

A wake was held Sunday June 10 and the funeral on Monday June 11 at Bruzek Funeral Home in New Prague MN. 

The club has passed on our condolences to his wife Charlotte.