Recent Club Tournament Winners are listed below:

2019 Singles Winner.jpg

2019 Singles

First Place - David Shaw (right)

Second Place - Vince Geglia (left)

Third Place - Brad Heldele (not shown)

Fourth Place - Ron Pencak (not shown)

2019 Sunbirds vs Snowbirds - Feb 2019

First place - SNOWBIRDS!!!
Second place - Sunbirds

2019 Random Pairs Winners.jpg

2019 Random Pairs Winners - Feb 2019

Chris Kaltenecker and Ron Predovich

2019 Random Pairs 2nd.jpg

2019 Random Pairs 2nd Place

Jolynn Geglia and Tom Cracraft

2019 Novice Singles.jpg

2019 Novice Singles - February 2019

1st - Ron Pencak (right)

2nd - Jolynn Geglia (left)

2018 Novice Tournament
March 2018

2018 Novice Winners.png

1st Place:

Trudy Jadis (right)

2nd Place:

Pat Bowness (left)

2018 Singles Tournament
March 2018


1st Place:

Tony Davi


2nd Place:

Mike Shatkouski

2018 Random Draw Doubles Tournament -
January 2018

2018 Random Draw Doubles.png

1st Place:

Chris Kaltenecker (L)

Glenn Hamm (R)

Rich Smejkal.png
Tony Davi.png

2nd Place:

Rich Smejkal (left)

Tony Davi (above)

2017 Random Draw Doubles Tournament -

2017 Random Draw Doubles Winners.png

1st Place:

Rick Ramsey (left)

Chris Kaltenecker (right)

2017 Random Draw Doubles Second.png

2nd Place:

Scott Ward (left)

Mike Shatkouski (right)

2017 Club Singles Tournament -
February 2017

Ron Rollick.png

1st Place:

Ron Rollick

David Shaw.png

2nd Place:

David Shaw

2017 Club Novice Tournament -
February 2017

David Shaw.png

1st Place:

David Shaw

Ron Predovich.png

2nd Place:

Ron Predovich